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High-Impact Reports on the Latest Medical Studies. Curated and Written by Practicing Physicians and Health Professionals.

Our physician staff and algorithmic curation sift through hundreds of medical studies daily to bring you only the highest-impact ones, everyday.

Winner of the Massachusetts Medical Society Information Technology Award for Innovation in Medicine

Rapid Publishing Logistics

Our reviews and summaries of new medical studies are typically released the same day as the original study in the publishing medical journal.

We focus on rapid publishing and efficiency for our readers. That's why our physician staff curate only the highest-impact studies from the literature milieu.

We publish new reports daily, typically >100 per month.

An Academic Bend on News

We summarize and rate each study according to validated guidelines for the appraisal of evidence-based medicine. We focus on the objective qualities of the study, not the subjective conclusions.

Our academic arm studies the interplay of media/publishing with medical education. We have presented data at numerous international medical education conferences around the world.

World-Wide Syndication

Our reports are syndicated by licensees around the world for viewing by their readers.

With active readers in over 130 countries totaling 10,000,000+ articles reads/year, 2 Minute Medicine® is a recognized and authoritative global publishing organization.

An authoratative, physician-founded and operated publisher

2 Minute Medicine® was created in 2012 by Marc D. Succi, MD, a physician at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, to fill the need for professional curation and accurate reporting of the medical literature milieu. To this end, every 2 Minute Medicine report is written/peer-reviewed by a doctor. Originally consisting of short, curated study summaries to help physicians stay abreast of new medical literature, the organization was built and scaled to global reach and syndication after realizing that the need for objective, quality-rated and concise medical reporting spanned far beyond the Harvard quad.

The novel tiered reporting system is at the heart of our content - summaries are efficiently organized in a “2 Minute Rundown" as one would typically give to colleagues on the hospital wards. There is an unwavering focus on selecting high-quality evidence in the form of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomized trials, as well as a small subset of the high-quality observational literature. In-Depth sections provide more nitty-gritty details.

How We Think

Medical literature publication trends in the last 30 years have been characterized by explosive growth. This is largely secondary to the birth of evidence-based medicine in the early 1990s and emerging digital age of publication, with new journals publishing vast amounts of low-quality evidence. As such, the average quality of published literature is declining rapidly while the number of studies increases exponentially. Physicians and other health professionals, both in training and practicing, have the onerous task of sorting through this milieu of academic medical publications to keep abreast of breaking developments.

Our approach is simple:

  • Curate the highest-impact literature

  • Interpret the literature at a high-level using physician writers

  • Make it free for individuals

  • Share our data on medical education at peer-reviewed conferences
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