Ravi Shah, MD

VP Strategy

Ravi Shah

Ravi Shah, MD MBA

Cardiovascular Disease Fellow, Penn State College of Medicine

Ravi is a cardiovascular disease fellow at the Penn State College of Medicine and board certified in both internal medicine and general pediatrics. He is founder and Chair of the Board at the Health Policy Fellowship Initiative, former At-Large Officer at the AMA Medical Student Section, and former founder and Chief Financial Officer of Scribe Notes LLC. He is passionate about innovation in medical technology and health systems. His current research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to predict outcomes based on electrocardiographic and imaging data. He is a recipient of the AMA Foundation Leadership Award.

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>> Penn State College of Medicine Cardiovascular Disease

>> University of Massachusetts Internal Medicine

>> Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

>> The College of New Jersey



>> Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics


>> Member, American Medical Association

>> Member, American College of Cardiology

>> Member, American College of Physicians

>> Member, American Academy of Pediatrics


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