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2 Minute Medicine Notes™ are designed to allow independent perspectives on topics of interest to the general medical community. While writing summaries is of core importance, we also want our community to be able to express your passions in a more granular way. We hope this will help further develop your abilities and portfolio as a writer and hone your expertise as a thought leader with articles that are highly ranked in Google.

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-Suggested length: 750-1250 words
-Titles should be brief and impactful
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-Opinions will represent your opinion and not that of 2MM
-Opinions should be a finished product, not requiring editing in style/spelling, or content
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-2MM may choose whether or not to publish an opinion after it is submitted

Topics of interest in the current medical publishing climate, by no means limiting:

-Affordable Care Act
-Artificial intelligence and machine learning
-End of life care
-Mental health
-Inequality in care


Can commercial entities submit articles?

Submissions from commercial entities must be authored by a health professional and cannot mention the company by name. If you wish to advertise your business, contact for our advertising rate cards and services.

Can I publish my piece elsewhere?

Writers retain copyright to their articles to publish elsewhere (see OPINIONS agreement below)

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