American Academy of Pediatrics updates its Medicaid Policy Statement

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1. In this revision to its 2005 statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends Medicaid expansions for pediatric patients. 

2. The AAP continues to strongly support Medicaid and newer programs, including the Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). 

Rundown: In light of the implementation of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and initiatives such as Medicaid ACOs, the AAP has released an updated policy statement on Medicaid.  Medicaid is the largest single insurer for children in the United States (covering 39%), whose payouts will increase with ACA-based expansion of eligibility.  The policy recommendations cover benefit coverage, financing and payment, eligibility, outreach and enrollment, managed care, and quality improvement. Congruent with their previous statement in 2005, the AAP continues to recommend that Medicaid permanently match Medicare payment rates in order to increase provider participation and thereby ensure equal access to providers for Medicaid patients. The policy also advocates for patient choice of providers, efficient access to care, streamlined plan enrollment, universal adoption of the pediatric medical home model, and payment for interpreter services and vaccinations. In addition, they call for reimbursements for additional services that improve patient wellness and coordinated care.

Click to read the statement, published today in Pediatrics 

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By Laurel Wickberg, Devika Bhushan, and Leah H. Carr

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