[Policy Statement] AAP supports same-sex marriage and parenting

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1. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports marriage equality as an avenue for securing federal/state rights and benefits and promoting the overall well-being of children. 

2. The AAP also suggests that equal adoption rights should be in place without regard to the sexual orientation of the adopting parent(s). 

3. Furthermore, the AAP promotes foster care placement with qualified adults, without regard to their sexual orientation. 

A new policy statement and technical report released by the AAP supports efforts to promote the well-being of children whose parents are gay or lesbian. Previously, a 2003 AAP Task Force on the Family report noted, “No particular family constellation makes poor or good outcomes for children inevitable.” This new statement seeks to elaborate on this. It encourages legal and social institutions to allow same-sex marriage on the basis that children’s well-being is positively impacted by a family structure of support and security regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents. The AAP provides evidence that access to federal/state rights and benefits through marriage – such as those involving improved health insurance – is in the children’s best interests. Equal adoption rights and foster care placement with qualified adults, regardless of sexual orientation, are encouraged.

Click to read the policy statement in Pediatrics

By Neha Joshi and Devika Bhushan

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