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2 Minute Medicine | December 22, 2014

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Less wound complications with suture skin closure after C-section

December 21, 2014 |

1. Wound complications were less likely among women with incisions closed by sutures.

2. Skin closure with sutures required more time than staples.

Evidence Rating Level: 1 (Excellent)      

Study Rundown: Cesarean section (C-section) is an increasingly common obstetric procedure. Despite public health initiatives to decrease rates of … Read More

Ghrelin-receptor agonists may be beneficial in cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome

December 20, 2014 |

1. Patients with cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome who received anamorelin gained significantly more lean muscle mass compared to the placebo group.

2. Severe adverse events related to the anamorelin treatment group were relatively rare and included fatigue, asthenia, atrial fibrillation, and dyspnea.

Evidence Rating Level: 2 (Good)

Study Rundown: Patients with … Read More

Long-term active surveillance may be safe in low-risk prostate cancer

December 20, 2014 |

1. In a cohort of more than 900 low-risk prostate cancer patients followed for up to 15 years, 2.8% of patients developed metastatic disease and 1.5% died of prostate cancer.

2. The relative likelihood of dying from other causes compared to dying from prostate cancer death in this cohort was … Read More

Cell-loaded scaffold implant may improve cell therapy [PreClinical]

December 20, 2014 |

1. A polymer scaffold modified with stimulatory molecules promoted the growth and migration of tumor-specific immune T cells in vitro and in vivo.

2. In mouse cancer models, the T cell-loaded polymer implant prevented disease relapse following surgical tumor removal and caused regression of inoperable tumors.

Evidence Rating Level: … Read More

[UKGTS trial] Latanoprost helps preserve visual field in open-angle glaucoma

December 19, 2014 |

1. Patients with open-angle glaucoma treated with latanoprost experienced significantly longer preservation of visual acuity and greater reduction of intraocular pressure than did patients treated with placebo eye drops.

Evidence Rating Level: 1 (Excellent)     

Study Rundown: Open-angle glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide and … Read More

Nanoparticle delivery of proteasomes may improve Alzheimer’s therapy [Pre Clinical]

December 19, 2014 |

1. Nanoparticles loaded with proteasomes, protein complexes that degrade defective proteins, were nontoxic and readily taken up by cells in vitro.

2. Delivered proteasomes promoted targeted degradation of toxic tau proteins implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.

Evidence Rating Level: 3 (Average)

Study Rundown: In Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative … Read More