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2 Minute Medicine | October 30, 2014

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Noninvasive imaging method detects and evaluates size of metastases

October 29, 2014 |

1. Dually injecting mice featuring lymph node cancer metastases with a non-targeted fluorescent antibody (noTRGT) and a cancer-targeted fluorescent antibody (TRGT) allowed for determination of cancer-receptor concentrations in the lymph nodes.

2. The calculated concentrations of the cancer-receptor strongly correlated with the number of tumor cells in a given tumor, … Read More

CA19-9 kinetics may predict pancreatic cancer resectability

October 29, 2014 |

1. Both an absolute increase of pre-operative CA 19-9 levels exceeding 50 U/ml as well as rate of change greater than 1 U/ml/day were strongly associated with higher rates of unresectable disease.

2. Twenty-three percent of patients with resectable disease had a rate of change of CA 19-9 greater than … Read More

7 tesla breast MRI may improve assessment of suspicious masses

October 28, 2014 |

1. Among women with suspicious breast lesions, 7 tesla (T) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with diffusion weighting and combined parallel and readout-segmented echo-planar imaging (rs-EPI) showed a high diagnostic accuracy with fewer technical issues than previously-described 7T techniques.

2. Total image acquisition was less than 4 minutes in length, significantly … Read More

Maintenance opioids in drug users linked with lower rate of hepatitis C infection

October 28, 2014 |

1. In young adults, treatment with maintenance opioid agonist therapy (methadone or buprenorphine) was associated with a 69% decrease in incident hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection compared to no treatment

2. The reduction in HCV incidence may be due in part to a decrease in frequency of injection.

Evidence … Read More